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No matter your age, complexion, and tribe, we are all driven by three high impact objectives and irrespective of what you are looking for; they all fall under these three principal things. They are JOY, MEANING and POWER. Have you ever asked yourself why you do all the things you do to earn a living? You do the things you do because you want to be happy (GOOD HEALTH, PEACE OF MIND, WEALTH= JOY), have a sense of direction (PURPOSE and VISION= MEANING), and also influence other people, circumstances and change situations around you (POWER).

Life is an opportunity we are to turn into possibilities by taking the right steps, actions, research and exploration. It’s time to move beyond the brackets in your life and profession, it’s time to undertake journeys out of the safe sea shores into the wild and discover treasures reserved for the brave, it’s time to make positive headlines.

Results do not pass until you change what created them. Self management or personal mastery as some people call it, is bringing all the components of your being into unity. Are you a leader, business man, student, attorney etc seeking to master yourself in other to achieve positive results? If your answer is yes, then these few tips of mine will help you a great deal.

1.) Understand your motivational gifts (STRENGTH and WEAKNESS)

2.) Have a personal development plan

3.) Everything starts with how you think and what you think. Have a great and fantastic day.

4.) Create the image of what you want in your mind.

5.) Stay focused on what you want and not what you do not want.

6.) Don’t say anything negative about yourself.

You cannot truly love somebody else if you don’t truly love yourself and you can only love yourself when you know who you are and have yourself esteem intact. For your self esteem to be intact, then you must have a clear goal. Your goal must be specific, measurable, attract other people, record setting and treasured by you because a goal you cannot treasure, you cannot sacrifice for. For your goal to be specific, it has to come from your vision and for your vision to be inspiring it has to come from your mission and your mission is why you are here. Whatever you do, self management is very essential to your growth. God bless you and see you at the top.





A positive mental attitude is a state of mind that is propelled by hope and an optimistic disposition which attracts positive results. Every idea and action begins first and foremost as a state of mind. A state of mind is one thing that every human being has complete unchallenged right of control because we are empowered with control over nothing except the power with which to shape our thoughts and the privilege of fitting them into any pattern of our choice. This state of mind coverts the brain into the equivalent of an electro-magnet which attracts the counterpart of one’s dominating thoughts, aims and purposes. Thus a positive mental attitude is the starting point of all human achievements, whether they are riches of material or intangible form.

A positive mental attitude breeds self discipline through the joy of knowing that the mind will serve any desired end if one takes charge of it and command it through definiteness of purpose. Any man that fears anything is not a free man because fear heralds evil. Miserable beyond description is anyone who cannot project into the future with the hope of becoming who he desires to be, or with the limiting belief of been unable to surmount his past failures. The fertile soil of the garden of the human mind wherein may be produced all the riches of life is faith. For it is the connecting link between the human mind and the universal reservoir of God. A well developed positive mental attitude is the elixir which gives creative power and action to the impulse of thoughts via applied faith.  The ordinary energy of thoughts is converted into their spiritual equivalent through the power of faith. Faith therefore is the chemical which when mixed with prayers gives one direct and immediate access to infinite intelligence (God).

With a positive mental attitude, one will approach life with outstretched hands to give and to receive aid because no one will attain enduring success or acquire enduring riches without helping others who are seeking these desired ends. To GET one must GIVE. Now I commend to you a friend that has helped me build a positive mental attitude which in turn has conditioned my mind to receive all riches. A friend so great but yet simple and humble, a friend that has helped me surmount insurmountable situations that were life threatening, a friend that has been both a companion and a servant to me and every truly great man you have ever heard or read about. I commend this friend to you that he may render similar services to you. This great friend is called GRATITUDE!

Gratitude brings peace of mind and freedom from all fears. It unravels the tangled skein of your past failures and current negative situations thereby freeing your mind, body and soul from all causes and effects of both fear and strife. Thus every day I am grateful for Life and the wonderful opportunity it affords me to be of service to others; grateful for the gift of True Friends and Family and the strength, support and succor they provide; grateful for Physical Health by keeping my mind attuned to the consciousness of sound health; grateful for Material Prosperity by keeping my mind attuned to opulence and plenty, free from fear of lack and wants (poverty); grateful for Peace of Mind by freeing my mind from all self-imposed limitations and inhibitions thereby providing my body and mind all round rest; grateful for Hope being the fulfillment of my today’s desires and the promise of fulfilling my tomorrow’s aims; grateful for Faith by giving power to my thoughts and momentum to my deeds; grateful for Love for inspiring me to share my riches with all whom I come in contact with, and for showing me that only that which I give away can I truly retain as my own, for making my life sweet and enriching my relationships with others; grateful for Wisdom for transmuting into an enduring asset of priceless value, all of my failures, errors of judgement and deeds, defeats and disappointments; the asset consisting of my willingness to inspire others to take possession of their minds and to use their mind-power for the development of a positive mental attitude so they can attain all the riches of life. Thus providing me the privilege of enriching and multiplying my blessings by the scope of their benefits to others who are willing to receive them.

No human experience is a liability because all experiences can be transmuted into useful service. Always remember that the power of thought is the only power over which you have complete control, that the power of thought can be translated into happiness at will, that there are no limitations to the power of your thoughts save only those which you set up in your own mind.